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1 Million!

"We received many phone calls and emails for inquiry. We could find new business chances and needs. Never imagined we could send messages this much in a few days."

Email Marketing is too old!

 Our service is different from just sending messages to email address. We approach directly to Contact form on websites. “Delivered reliably” is our priority.

Try this new service like no other.

Why it’s different?

  • High open rate

It’s highly opened by sending messages directly to contact form

  • Low cost

100 thousand for approx, 300 USD!

  • Easy

Our lists are available. You don’t have to find customers.

When If you’d like to approach 100,000


New Customers

Choice of plan 100 thousand to 3 Million.

choice of 45 countries

Targeting world wide.

More Saving

No need to phone or visit new customers. Save your time and money by using our lists.

optional plan

Segment target plans are available.

New list is prepared

We use 2020s list and we update it certain period of time.

More effective than Sns

High open rate by mailing contact form directly.

Our pricing plans

1 time delivery plan

Sending messages to Companies/Organizers/Stores which have contact form on their website.

100 thousand

30,000 JPY(w/o tax)

Delivery date : 12 hours to 2 days

500 thousand

45,000 JPY(w/o Tax)

Delivery date :  2 to 4 days


75,000 JPY (w/o tax)

Delivery date :  3 to 5 days

Twice delivery plan

Sending messages to Companies/Organizers/Stores which have contact form on their website.
After the first delivery, send another 5 to 7 days later. You can change the text.


56,000JPY(W/O TAX)

Delivery date : 12 hours to 2 days


79,000JPY(W/O TAX)

Delivery date : 2 to 4 days

1million x

129,000JPY(W/O TAX)

Delivery date :  3 to 5 days


195,000JPY(W/O TAX)

Delivery date :  4 to 5 days

Optional plan

Monthly plan, additional plan

3 Million plan

45,000JPY(W/O TAX)

Send messages to website’s contact form
all domains below registered in Japan.


Domains named
will be included soon.
(We’ll add 1 million more.)

“Only 45,000JPY for 3 million?” You might think it’s a mistake,

but it is 45,000JYP!

* It has to be combined with other orders.

Delivery date :  4 to 5 days


200,000JPY(W/O TAX)

1 million send x 3 times. Text making. Individual consulting.
*Free 3 million plan
*Need to contract 6 months and more.
Sending messages to Companies/Organizers/Stores which have contact form on their website.
Consulting your message text.
We’ll set a person in charge for you.


Segment plan is unavailable temporarily due to effect of COVID-19.

Segment plan

Narrowing the target market by area and types of industry. Sending messages one by one.
Prepare brand new list after we received order.


35,000JPY(W/O TAX)

Delivery date :  3 to 4 days


47,000JPY(W/O TAX)

Delivery date :  5 to 6 days


73,000JPY(W/O TAX)

Delivery date :  7 to 9 days

Frequently asked questions

If you’d like certain effect within one attack, Approaching contact form is perfect.You cannot select certain area and types of industries, but 100 thousand to 3 million would be huge amount.
Segment plan is more focused to certain area and industry. Approaching accurate targets rather than its amount.

You might think about email broadcast that lists are created with auto collecting software through websites.
These lists need to be fresh always, because most of email address or domains will not be available within one year.

We’ll make a new list after your order is fixed. Of course you could go with our segment plan. You’ll see the difference clearly from other service.

Our lists are created by random area and industry. Although ratio is not open to public, but it’s dispersed.

If you’d like to focus on certain area and industry, select our segment plan.

It is 2020 March 25th. We update our lists certain period of time.
When it’s lists of email, It happens often that is no longer available after passed months. Websites won’t go away in months usually.

We cannot answer how many responds you’ll receive exactly. But we’d say you might expect 1 to 100 responds. Mostly it depends on your product or service, and also content of text is very important as well.

Yes, you can. Europe for example, your choice of country such as France, or you can choose entire Europe area (10 million send maximum).

We provide unique service in good price.
We create good and actual working website’s lists by using our AI. More amount and more reliable are our goals.

It is possible with additional charge. You have to explain your product and service to let us know very good.

Yes, we do.We wouldn’t report overly. You’ll see many autoreply in your email box, But not all of them  has autoreply system.
Future customer will notice your message on their email receiving box. But It’s a different matter whether they open your email and read it.

“Cheap umbrella 20$!” How do you think about this line? Will you click and read this email to the end?

How about “Feel special with 20$”.Is it better now? Content of your message is very important. 

We’d say ‘just give a try 100 thousand casually’ isn’t a good idea.
We send message to substantial companies.
If you send messages many times, they’d think as spam emails. Please think this as onetime thing.

We have 3000 to 10000 plan.

Segment by prefectures/cities or industries such as Tokyo,shinagawa,massage.

There’s less data within small population area. In that case, set larger area.

About targeting by industry for example, there’s many keywords just describing a place to cut your hair such as ‘barber’ ‘hair dresser’, ‘beauty parlor’ or ‘salon’. Please set keywords like this more than 20.

It is possible.  You can send it at least 14 days after. How do you think if you received same email frequently. Same as customers. We consider too much isn’t good.
If you’re interested in regular basis plan, contact us.



Apply with our contact form or call.
We'd love to ask your needs.


Your preparations
・Content of your message
(approx.500 to 1000 letters)
・Mail address for receiving reports


Fix a date of delivery, then to run our AI system.


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